Wabi-sabi pottery

Blank Earth embraces the wabi-sabi ethos; finding beauty in imperfections. 

I'm Supatra, the potter behind Blank Earth. I craft pottery that celebrates the imperfections in the artisanal process, so you can still see the marks of the maker; creating pottery that's unique and special.


I take a slow-living mindset into my work, exploring natural organic forms and letting the beauty of the clay shine through. This is embraced in my kurinuki ceramics; the Japanese art of making slowly, carving from a lump of clay to produce one-of-a-kind pots. 

The handmade nature of BLANK EARTH homeware, means there's limited availability. My past collections can be viewed on my gallery.

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“ Su’s kurinuki pieces are visually stunning - evoking both the ocd and creative within. With elegant geometry without symmetry, each unique piece drew me in - i had to buy one! ”

— Rachel

“ Blank earth's kurinuki ring box is one of a kind. i got the bigger version with green tones that i absolutely love! ”

— Dae

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