Hi, I’m Supatra Marsh, the maker behind Blank Earth. My pottery takes inspiration from Asian ceramics and traditional handmade processes. I specialise in ‘kurinuki’, the Japanese art of carving away from a single block of clay, slowly revealing the ceramic form, producing unique, one-of-a-kind pots. If you’re looking for something special, I can also add personalised touches just for you!

I'm inspired by the Japanese ethos of wabi-sabi; discovering the beauty of every aspect of imperfection in nature, celebrating materials in their most natural and raw form. This is what makes handmade pottery so interesting and special; you see the story of your ceramics through the marks of the maker, a welcome change to perfect and symmetrical manufactured goods. 


My work is often reminiscent of mountainous landscapes and natural terrain with the texture and beauty of the raw clay shining through. The name Blank Earth signifies this, clay coming from the earth as a blank slate. It is my duty as a potter to turn this clay into something you will treasure for years to come. 

I discovered my love for pottery whilst living in Singapore where I worked as a biologist before becoming a full-time potter. I approach my pottery with a scientist’s mind; it’s important to me to always test and improve my work so the ceramics you take home are the best they can be. You may also see my fiancé, Paul, aka 'The Hairy Potter' as he helps me from time to time in the Blank Earth studio.

When a collection goes live there’s limited availability, but you can join my mailing list so you never miss out. If you’ve got something specific in mind or want to add a personalised touch please email me at hello@blankearth.co.uk

 Happy Pottering! 
Supatra x