Approx. W90 x L90 x H95 mm

Approx. 320mL

Tea or Coffee Wobble Cup in Glacier Blue

  • Tea or Coffee Wobble Cup - Glacier Blue

    Take some time out with this undulating wobble cup, perfect for a warming brew this winter. Once thrown on the wheel, the form is altered by letting my fingers ebb and flow, resulting in a wobbly and tactile profile that’s a joy to hold.


    Handmade from stoneware clay with iron speckles breaking through the icy matte white glaze to give the impression of rocks speckled in the snow just after a blizzard. The icy blue glaze is then dripped on the surface reminding me of Iceland’s magnificent glaciers. 


    Hand thrown and altered on the wheel from stoneware clay, when partially dried it is turned to reveal a foot ring at the base of the pot, and a hand-pulled handle is added. 


    Handwashing is recommended to ensure the longevity of your pottery.


    Each piece of pottery is handmade and truly unique so the cup you receive may differ slightly from the one pictured.