W80 x L80 x H100 mm

Approx. 270 mL

Smoosh Yunomi Cup in Glacier Blue

  • Smoosh Yunomi - Glacier Blue

    Yunomi cup handmade from stoneware clay with iron speckles breaking through the icy matte white glaze to give the impression of rocks speckled in the snow just after a blizzard.


    A ‘smoosh’ of clay has been applied with my thumb to give a comfortable ergonomic hold and glazed an icy blue evocative of Iceland’s magnificent glaciers. Suitable for hot and cold drinks - for boiling hot drinks hold by the rim or foot. 


    Hand thrown from stoneware clay, when partially dried it is turned to reveal a foot ring at the base of the pot and decorated with a 'smoosh' of clay.


    Handwashing is recommended to ensure the longevity of your pottery.