W90 x L80 x H110 mm

Approx. 250 mL


Reduced price due to small surface crack on one cup - this doesn't affect the functionality of your pottery it’s just a cosmetic fault.

Large Kurinuki Meoto Yunomi Set in Seawave Splash

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  • Meoto Yunomi Cups - Seawave Splash

    Meoto Yunomi is a set of two matching cups, one bigger than the other and are traditionally given as wedding gifts in Japan to symbolise a married couple. Hand-carved from stoneware clay with iron speckles that break through the glaze like pebbles on the beach. Glazed in layers of blue and white over raw clay to give the feel of ocean waves splashing up against a rocky cliff face. 


    Kurinuki is the traditional Japanese method of slowly hollowing out clay to reveal its form. Hand-carving pottery in this way produces truly unique one-of-a-kind pots.


    Handwashing is recommended to ensure the longevity of your pottery.