Approx. W90 x L85 x H110

Approx.  450 mL (larger cup) and 350 mL (smaller cup)

Large Kurinuki Meoto Yunomi Set in Moss Green

  • Meoto Yunomi Cups - Moss Green

    Meoto Yunomi are a set of two matching cups, one bigger than the other, and are traditionally given as wedding gifts in Japan to symbolise a married couple.


    Hand-carved from stoneware clay with iron speckles that break through the surface of the mottled green glaze reminiscent of moss covered rocks. The carved facets and tactile finger ‘smooshes’ of clay make these yunomi a joy to hold in your hand. 


    Kurinuki is the traditional Japanese method of slowly hollowing out clay to reveal its form. Hand-carving pottery in this way produces truly unique one-of-a-kind pots.


    Handwashing is recommended to ensure the longevity of your pottery.